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Welcome to the Bay of Plenty, home to Mt Maunganui or Mauao as know by the locals,  it's one of the regions’s most iconic landmarks. It might not be among New Zealand’s tallest mountains, but its summit rewards all those who visit with sublime panorama's of the white sand beaches and islands of Tauranga's Harbour.

From coastal walks to forested treks this is a region that’s dotted with a wide range of hiking opportunities.

if you love your aquatic activities the Bay of Plenty will spoil you for choice, It is renowned for its prime surfing conditions, fishing spots, glistening white sands and safe swimming waters. Kite and wind surfing are other popular activities on this coastal stretch. The best thing about the Bay of Plenty is that you’ve got a trove of beaches to explore, from the bustling hot spots to the  underrated horizons.

The foods not bad either! local produce is in abundance, this is Avocado country after all, and all of that beautiful coast line gives us a wealth of delicious seafood used by the local restaurants and cafes,

visit The Mount or the Strand you will not be disappointed.